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I’m Laura, a late diagnosed autie. I got my diagnosis at 26 in September 2021.

This blog is to share my experience with getting my diagnosis, my experience with mental health, and anything else ASD related.

My special interest include The Sims, Genealogy, History, Indie Games, 60s Music, Halloween, Witches

My current hyperfixations include Horror Movies and TV shows, YouTube videos on Horror Games, Encanto, Jigsaws

  • Autism traits found in girls
    My neice has her assessment for autism next week and her mum (my cousin) asked me to compile a list of general signs and traits of autism in girls. My neice is three years old so the following list is mostly based on toddlers and pre-school aged children but I do mention somethings that may happen in the first few years of school. My cousin is also autistic and also ADHD, has RSD and GAD so she asked for the list so she can crossreference the ones that she made to help with her feeling like she projecting herself onto her daughter. I’m sure there are many other parents out there who feel the same which is why I’m sharing this list.
  • Special Interests
    Since my last post seemed sort of dark and deep, I wanted this post to be a bit lighter. I’m still not feeling 100% mentally but I have been fixated on my Special Interests recently. I posted on my Instagram stories a couple of weeks ago now asking whether other people feel like they thinkContinue reading “Special Interests”
  • My experience getting an Autism Diagnosis
    To start this post, I want to say that I’ve felt very lucky this year to have been able to get my autism diagnosis. Especially considering it was done in under a few months with the NHS, knowing there are parts of the country (UK) that have waiting times of over 3 years. Before thisContinue reading “My experience getting an Autism Diagnosis”